Welcome, Hodlers, to our weekly crypto digest! Get ready to join us as we dive into the crypto universe and unveil the latest happenings.  This week’s edition is packed with thrilling stories from the world of cryptocurrencies.

We’ll delve into the Grammy Awards’ take on AI-generated music, witness the transformation at Binance.US, Polygon’s billion-dollar investment to supercharge Ethereum, and unravel the drama of Bitcoin’s recent dive and the altcoin dance, all while keeping an eye on FTX’s mega sale.

 So, grab your virtual popcorn and cotton candy ready as we go into details of what’s been up in the crypto space.

Mason Kicks AI vocals in the Butt. Grammy Eligibility and the ‘Non-Human’ Controversy

Harvey Mason Jr., the top dog at the Recording Academy, has set the record straight about the AI-generated Drake song that sent the music world spinning. In a video that dropped on Instagram, he made it crystal clear that the AI-generated track is ineligible for awards.

Mason Jr. didn’t beat around the bush; he pointed out that the vocals in the AI extravaganza were about as legally obtained as a cat’s attempt at ballet. No clearance from the label or Drake himself, and to top it off, it’s as commercially available as a snow cone in December. That’s right, it vanished from major streaming platforms like a magician’s rabbit.

Wait! That’s not all, the CEO acknowledged the AI uprising in the music industry and set some Grammy ground rules: the music must have a human touch. That means a human artist, not a “human creator,” must perform the vocals.

In case you thought the Recording Academy had gone all ‘Terminator,’ Mason Jr. made it crystal clear that they’re all about humans. Their mission? To support, represent, and probably dance awkwardly at human artists’ events.

Since we are in the world of AI-generated tunes, where robots dream of being rockstars, Mason Jr.’s message is as clear as a glass harmonica: The Grammys are all about celebrating human creativity. As AI takes over the world, don’t forget to clap for those flesh-and-blood musicians.

Binance.US CEO Bids Adieu Amid Workforce Whittling

Well, well, it seems like the crypto rollercoaster just hit a loop-de-loop! Binance.US, the big player in the cryptocurrency scene, is having a bit of a makeover party. Brian Shroder, the CEO has decided to wave goodbye, and the company has gone all Marie Kondo by decluttering one-third of its workforce.

In the red corner, we’ve got Binance.US, been dealing with more legal drama than a courtroom reality show. Remember that time in June when the SEC dropped the regulatory hammer on Binance.US, accusing them of breaking securities laws? Yeah, that’s when things got seriously spicy for these crypto firms. It’s like they’re in a reality TV show with regulators as the stern judges.

Now, what’s their grand plan to survive this crypto tornado? Binance.US has decided to go all-in on cryptocurrencies. They’ve decided to narrow their focus exclusively to cryptocurrency trading, hoping that this exclusive focus will secure their financial future. It’s like they’ve decided to become the James Bond of crypto exchanges – shaken, not stirred.

About the big guy Shroder leaving Binance, some might see it as a plot twist, but I say it’s like leaving a sinking ship to swim for safer waters. Smart move or a dramatic exit? You be the judge.

Polygon Splurges $1 Billion on ZK Tech: Ethereum Scalability Gets a New Superhero!

The blockchain world has witnessed a financial feat worthy of a superhero movie. Over the week, Polygon, the Robin Hood of Ethereum scaling, threw a jaw-dropping $1 billion into the fiery pit of zero-knowledge proof (ZK) technology. This is like buying a Bugatti to deal with city traffic, but hey, it’s crypto – anything goes!

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founder, unveiled this massive investment at the Token2049 conference in Singapore. They’re cooking up “Polygon 2.0” like it’s the secret sauce to rule all blockchains.

Nailwal decided to take us all on a wild philosophical journey, comparing Web2 to Web3. He said Web2 is like the grand buffet of information, serving limitless data faster than you can say “Google it.” Meanwhile, Web3, the “internet of value,” is like trying to share a slice of pizza with 100 – That’s gonna be some magic!

To make this magic happen, Polygon plans to create an interoperability layer –This layer will conduct ZK-proofs from different chains and blend them into a symphony of blockchain harmony. Just like getting cats to sing in a choir – theoretically possible, but no one’s seen it happen yet!

The secret sauce? Recursive ZK-proof tech! This will let chains submit ZK-proofs to the Ethereum network, speeding up cross-chain transactions so fast, that it’ll feel like teleportation.

Nailwal even believes these transactions will be quicker than a hiccup – four to five seconds! Polygon’s zkEVM, their speedy star, is already serving up faster and cheaper smart contracts than Ethereum’s layer 1.

So, with this huge investment, Polygon aims to reshape Ethereum’s scalability, making it the superhero of the blockchain world. So, be ready! – the crypto cinema has a new action-packed blockbuster in town! Can’t wait to watch it!
Bitcoin’s Dramatic Dive and Altcoin Dance Amid FTX’s Mega Sale

Talking about Bitcoin and altcoins, Bitcoin recently stole the spotlight with a dramatic dip dive below $25K, while altcoins felt like they were stuffed in a clown car.

Bitcoin took a heart-pounding nosedive, dropping over 2% and briefly flirting with $24,963. It did recover a bit though, now at $26,441.

Ether joined the show with a 3.2% drop, landing gracefully at $1,560. Quite the scene-stealer! But the real jokers? Altcoins! They crammed into that clown car.

Solana led the parade with an 8% drop – it’s like SOL decided to be a stand-up comedian without punchlines! Other altcoins, Toncoin and Arbitrum, followed suit with 5% losses. Ripple’s XRP? It’s dancing the crypto cha-cha with a 5% setback, searching for its rhythm.

So, what’s causing these hiccups, you ask?

Well, it’s the FTX crypto exchange. They’re considering a crypto garage sale, and the crowd can’t stop whispering about it. A Singapore-based crypto fortune teller Matrixport, predicts an “altcoin crash” as FTX preps for its token garage sale. They say SOLs are under the most pressure – FTX holds over 16% of its supply, that’s a whopping $1.16 billion worth. It’s like putting all your crypto eggs in one dazzling basket!

Matrixport predicts a groovy altcoin decline party for the rest of the year because of FTX’s garage sale. SOL’s fancy moves, from $19 to $15, and maybe even $10, are like watching a tightrope walker doing the limbo.

As for ETH, it’s doing the crypto twist due to its revenue growth, and a dip below $1,500 might make it even bust a move down to $1,000.

Markus Thielen, Matrixport’s crypto guru, suggests it’s time for new altcoin superheroes to rise. But for now, keeping Bitcoin as the star of the crypto show seems like the wisest move.


As we conclude this week’s digest, let’s take a step back to reflect on the wild ride we’ve had in the crypto world. From the Grammy’s stance on AI music to the departure of Binance.US’s CEO, Polygon’s billion-dollar investment in Ethereum, and Bitcoin’s thrilling plunge with altcoins in tow, it’s been a rollercoaster journey.

Remember to safeguard your crypto assets diligently and maintain a watchful eye on your crypto assets in the ever-evolving crypto markets. Until next time, hodl onto your crypto gear and enjoy the thrilling market ride!