The Gaming Revolution

In a world where NFTs and blockchain games are often brushed off as mere cash grabs, the Solana Foundation has taken up the mantle of revolutionizing the gaming industry. With their PlayGG event in San Diego, they are changing the game, literally and figuratively, and challenging the established narrative. Let’s dive into this edgy journey of flipping the crypto gaming script.

Source: Decrypt

The PlayGG Event: More than Meets the Eye

At the PlayGG event, the Solana Foundation demonstrated their strategy to make blockchain gaming more appealing to the masses. With games like Star Atlas, Aurory, and Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos, the event showcased a plethora of exciting titles built on the Solana network. But there’s more to it than just games.

Web3 Without the Jargon

Johnny Lee, Solana Games General Manager, boldly claimed that PlayGG was not your typical Web3 event.

PlayGG: play good games.

Johnny Lee, Solana Games General Manager

The aim was to shift the focus from crypto and NFTs, distancing themselves from the notorious “NFT” buzzword.

Games for Everyone: Breaking the Mold

Unlike their predecessors, the games at PlayGG didn’t push NFTs or cryptocurrency as the primary element. In a bold move, Solana Games presented digital collectibles, highlighting the unique experiences these titles offer. Their vision is clear: games that can rival the best of traditional titles while utilizing blockchain technology to enrich player experiences.


Picky About Promising Games

To ensure quality and promise, Solana Games adopted a rigorous approach in selecting supported titles. Game developers had to provide a build of their game, subjecting it to the scrutiny of the Solana team. With over 50 games showcased at PlayGG, they proved their commitment to delivering quality games on the Solana network.

Investing in the Future: Sacrificing Now, Gaining Later

While many complain about the cost and quality of earlier blockchain games, Solana Games is willing to invest time and capital to create a vibrant gaming ecosystem. They’re ready to take short-term business hits to build a sustainable foundation for the future.

The Fires of Optimism

Johnny Lee acknowledged that Solana had its share of issues in the past. However, he firmly believes the network is now stronger than ever, capable of supporting games and transactions without breaking a sweat. He excitedly pointed to the potential of the upcoming Firedancer validator client, which promises to further stabilize the network.

In the midst of this gaming revolution, one game stands out: Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos. Mixing Discord’s interactive chat window with generative AI tools and Solana’s NFTs and tokens, this game offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Decrypt witnessed this masterpiece in action at PlayGG, and it’s truly something to behold.

Ready to Take on the Gaming

Though many games showcased at PlayGG were still in development, Johnny Lee exudes confidence in their potential. He firmly believes that when these games hit the mainstream, they will give traditional titles a run for their money.


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Solana’s PlayGG event heralds a new era for blockchain gaming. By focusing on quality, unique experiences, and distancing themselves from the NFT hype, they are set to reshape the crypto gaming landscape. So brace yourself, as the gaming revolution on the Solana network is just getting started!

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