The iconic Spanish soccer maestros, FC Barcelona, have managed to pull off a financial coup that could make even Messi raise an impressed eyebrow. Brace yourselves, because the club has just scored a 120 million euros (that’s $132 million for the currency-challenged) from none other than the Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. And what’s the catch? Well, they’ve traded in a slice of their soul… um, I mean, a stake in their Bridgeburg Invest for this digital delight. Say hello to Barça Vision, the club’s dazzling Web3 brainchild that’s about to redefine the game – both on and off the pitch.


Barça Vision

Hold onto your football scarves, folks, because FC Barcelona has just performed a jaw-dropping tango with the crypto world. Barça Vision, the hippest digital initiative this side of the blockchain, is here to blend the best of Web3 and blockchain. Move aside boring old digital content – this is about NFTs, metaverses, and other buzzwords that could make even your tech-illiterate grandpa raise an intrigued eyebrow. Developers, in a fit of digital euphoria, are scribbling away to make this initiative a reality, all in a bid to create the mystical “digital Espai Barça.” Clever, isn’t it? It’s like building an invisible castle in the air, but with NFTs.

Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. Libero’s been consulting soccer clubs on money matters with the expertise of a Wall Street guru wearing cleats. Meanwhile, Nipa Capital is here to remind us that venture capitalists are basically modern-age treasure hunters. The deal’s simple: FC Barcelona waves a digital wand and offers a 29.5% stake in Bridgeburg Invest, and in return, the soccer gods grant them a whopping 120 million euros.

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The Waiting Game: Shareholder Nod and Closing Curtains

Now, before we go popping the metaphorical champagne, let’s not forget that there are shareholders lurking in the shadows. FC Barcelona’s deal with Libero and Nipa is like a suspense-filled cliffhanger – will the shareholders give a standing ovation, or will the whole thing flop like a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty? Keep your popcorn ready because we’re in for some nail-biting action, and the final verdict will be out sometime in Q4 2023.

Crypto and the Beautiful Game: A Love Story Since 2020

This story starts back in February 2020. FC Barcelona decided to cozy up with the Chiliz blockchain, and voila, the Ethereum-based FC Barcelona Fan Tokens (BAR) were born. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey fans, you’ve got the heart; now have a piece of the club.” But the digital dance didn’t stop there. Chiliz snagged a 24.5% stake in Barça Vision, the digital content prodigy, for a mere $100 million.

NFTs for the Win: Barça’s Eco-Friendly Goal

May saw FC Barcelona playing its NFT card like a pro. Enter Plastiks, the Picasso of this digital canvas. The first NFT collection, aptly titled “Unleash Your Passion,” hit the scene with a roar. 3,000 animal-themed NFTs were up for grabs, each tagged at $30. And here’s the kicker – the club swears these little tokens of digital joy will help eradicate a staggering 35,000,000 kilograms of plastic from our planet. Who knew digital passion could save the world?

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FC Barcelona isn’t just chasing footballs anymore; they’re chasing the digital horizon with a swagger that would make even the slickest influencers go green. Barça Vision is more than a project; it’s a statement. It’s the symphony of soccer and crypto, played on the global stage, for the world to watch, awe-struck. Let’s remember – FC Barcelona isn’t just embracing the future; they’re molding it, one pixel at a time.


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