The Dynamic Duo: AI and Blockchain

In the realm of emerging tech, AI and blockchain are the talk of the town. With the rise of OpenAI’s renowned ChatGPT and other AI wonders, the public discourse has been ablaze with excitement and curiosity. But wait, it doesn’t stop there! The CEO of Animoca Brands, the one and only Robbie Yung, gets the inside scoop on how AI and blockchain are shaping the future of gaming.


Generative AI: The Game-Changer for Art Teams

Yung revealed that Animoca Brands has been no stranger to the AI scene, both incubating AI ventures and employing it in their game development wizardry. One mind-blowing aspect is the application of generative AI in art teams, revolutionizing productivity and development. It’s like trading in your horse for a shiny new tractor – a game-changer, indeed!

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AI Takes Center Stage in Gaming

Prepare to be amazed because AI’s got its claws deep in the gaming world! Nvidia recently unveiled their AI-infused suite of tools, Nvidia ACE for Games, empowering non-player characters (NPCs) with a life of their own. These background players are now equipped with more character capabilities, giving gamers an electrifyingly interactive experience.

AI and Blockchain: A Match Made in Heaven

But hold on, it gets even juicier! Yung unleashed a profound insight – the mesmerizing connection between AI and blockchain in gaming. NPCs are about to embark on a blockchain adventure of their own. Picture this: NPCs trading and interacting with each other, forming a bustling economy within the game. And guess what? Crypto is the language they’ll speak! According to Yung, “Crypto will become the native currency of AI.” Crypto-powered NPCs, who’d have thought?

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United They Stand

Just like peanut butter and jelly, AI and blockchain are an inseparable duo. Yung is confident that AI’s limitations, like those of the blockchain space, will soon be a thing of the past. It’s all about cost and power, holders – and you know tech always finds a way to level up!


The Necessary Guideposts

Regulators worldwide are keeping a close eye on the AI and Web3 industries as they step into the limelight. We asked Yung about the impact of regulations on gaming and metaverse ventures that are flirting with AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, he’s all for it! Clarity is the name of the game. When investors can see the rules of engagement crystal clear, they dive in with confidence, boosting investment and market stability. Who doesn’t like a predictable playing field?

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Blockchain + AI: A Force for Good?

Can blockchain save the day and bring trust back to AI? Yung believes it’s a moral responsibility worth exploring. The potential of these two forces working together is simply mind-boggling. Imagine an AI-powered world where trust is baked into the very fabric of technology. That’s a future worth aiming for, don’t you think?

So there you have it – AI and blockchain, blazing their trail through gaming and beyond! Exciting times lie ahead, and we can’t wait to see how this power couple transforms the tech landscape! Stay tuned, HODLers, for the next chapter in this story.

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