Hey, crypto enthusiasts! Let’s explore the funny side of NFTs in 2023. These memes are here to make us laugh and ponder.

NFTs are unique items that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs keep getting popular because the NFT industry is advancing. Collectors are drawn to collecting NFTs as pictures, games, and even memes. What is an NFT meme? It is a digital meme turned into a unique asset on the blockchain. Here are some of the funniest memes in 2023.

Real Estate or NFTs?


Some years back, real estate was the in-thing and a guaranteed medium for securing wealth. Many parents worked so hard to purchase landed properties in their children’s names to give them a secure future. It is not like real estate is not profitable anymore, but NFTs have taken over. The problem is explaining to the older generation that you have a digital asset that costs an arm and a leg, just like the one in the NFT meme above. Imagine being asked questions like, Can you see it? Well, yes. Can you touch it? No, it is digital. People of the younger generation have a hard time explaining the concept of NFTs to the oldies.

Legal Tender


It is no news that NFTs are not legal tender anywhere in the world, but they are invaluable. Handing out an NFT instead of fiat money to someone unfamiliar with NFTs and how they work is just you trading by barter. You would agree that it is a bit awkward and not applicable in the real world. Maybe that will be possible in the future. The scenario described in the image above must be one of the best NFT memes in 2023.

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Who Is the Real Kevin?

This Kevin NFT meme is hands down the best NFT meme in 2023. The famous comedian Kevin Hart happens to share the same name as the Pixelmon NFT. However, as rich as the comedian is, he would not give you millions of dollars without you working for it, but you can create a Kevin-inspired NFT and sell it for a large sum of money without any hassle. Now ask yourself: Who is the real Kevin? You know the answer.

Video Games vs. Real Life


Back then, parents advised their children not to spend too much time on video games but to focus on their studies because “their future is in their hands.” Well, news flash, the future is here because, with the advent of play-to-earn NFT games, players can make money by trading in-game assets. In fact, many adults, parents included, have become full-time gamers and are making money.

NFTs vs. Degree


This is one of the memes NFT enthusiasts use to portray the reality of higher education today. It is a known fact that a good education is costly, and many students have to take out loans and then work hard to pay off those loans. NFTs, on the other hand, cost a lot, but the return on investment (ROI) is high. In addition, NFTs are assets, not liabilities, and only take a few minutes to acquire.

Is Smart Work More Profitable Than Hard Work?


This is a relatable and hilarious example of how NFTs meme reality. It hurts to know that someone somewhere just made two times your annual salary just by selling NFTs on the internet. Then there’s you, who has to wake up against your will and go to work every day to fend for yourself. To make matters worse, your work environment is toxic. All these can make you want to quit your job and start life all over again. Here is a reality check: don’t just work hard; work smart too.

NFT Lovers vs. Cat Lovers


This NFT acronym meme shows what NFTs mean to different people. A crypto enthusiast knows NFTs mean non-fungible tokens, but to a cat lover, it means noses, feets and teefs. This meme is quite funny because NFTs and cats are unrelated. In a case like this, none of the meanings are wrong, it is just a matter of context.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade


One good thing about the NFT industry is that you can turn your lemons into lemonade. It can be embarrassing to see your funny or weird pictures used as memes, but on the bright side, that picture could be your gateway to wealth if you convert it to an NFT and sell it, just like the image above. A blessing in disguise!

First Date Conversations With an NFT Guy


This NFT guy meme shows how NFT enthusiasts seize every opportunity to tell others about NFTs. There is a right time for everything, and a first date is not the time to bore your date with conversations about NFTs, especially if you have different interests. Not only will your date be turned off, but it will jeopardize your chances of going on another date with them.

NFT Addiction

meme nft 2023

This is one of the funny NFT memes that portray how addictive collecting NFTs can be. It all starts with one NFT, but before you know it, you’re stuck and cannot stop buying. NFTs can be profitable, but just like every other investment, it comes with its own risks. These risks can leave your mental health in shambles. As glamorous as the NFT industry may appear, it is not for the faint of heart. As the popular saying goes, not all that glitters is gold.


The world of NFT memes in 2023 is not only a source of humor but also a reflection of the profound changes brought about by the NFT industry for collectors and intending collectors. These memes expound on the quirky dynamics of NFT trading and the potential for financial opportunities. They also remind us that while NFTs can be entertaining and lucrative, they come with their own set of challenges and responsibilities. As NFTs continue to evolve, it’s clear that they are not just a trend but a significant part of the digital world, molding our perception of and interaction with assets in the modern era.