We’ve got big news. Youtube is about to release the most important statement in history. “Not your keys, not your channel” The video creator economy is going to witness lots of changes once this happens. One change could be the disruption of Youtube’s monetization policies. 

After 9-years at the helm, Youtube has replaced its CEO Susan Wojcicki with web-3-friendly Neal Mohan. The current bond between Youtube and decentralization can now be described as hot.


If you are like me and probably in love with NFTs, here is a thing -: Nothing elevates our consciousness more than to learn nonfungible tokens have real-world utility. Do you think it matters how good an artist or painter is for their NFTs to win the market? What matters is whether the NFT has a real use case.

The new Youtube exec seems so cool with this idea of NFTs having value. He once said the tokens could be a vital tool for rewarding content creators on the platform. 

Don’t get me wrong. We are not going to see any recent videos of people wearing VR headsets, riding hoverboards, and talking about blockchain.

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The new CEO is rumoured to be a tech-savvy wizard who can code in his sleep and has a secret lair where he keeps a collection of rare Pepe memes. He’s so hip and cool that he led the controversial removal of Youtube’s dislike button. Doesn’t even use a regular keyboard, might have been a TikTok fan given or perhaps a little bit jealous. 

Whatever else can explain how Neal oversaw the introduction of Youtube Shorts, It’s like they got caught red-handed peeking over TikTok’s shoulder and taking notes, then ran back to their own platform to recreate the magic. 

But let’s be real, it’s not quite the same. It’s like your weird uncle trying to copy your dance moves at a family party – it’s just not as smooth.

But don’t worry, Youtube’s current content creators might have been left out by the AI content platforms but won’t be left behind in the Web 3.0 revolution. They’ll have the opportunity to upload their videos in 4D, 5G, and maybe even 6H (whatever that means)!

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So, get ready for some exciting changes, folks. Soon, we’ll all be watching videos on Youtube on the blockchain, rewarding our favourite creators with Bitcoin and hanging out with them on the metaverse. Supercool, right? The future is here, and it’s kind of chill.

Neal Mohan outlined Youtube on February 2022 where he mentioned integrating a host of web 3.0-related solutions such as metaverse content experience, tokenizing content and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). He said this at a time when negative sentiment across the NFT-hating community was at an all-time high. 

“Yo look, can I just like bring NFTs to your favourite content platform and we can forget all this beef?

Through Web 3.0, Neal believes creators have the chance to explore new revenue streams and content avenues. The blockchain is good for building deeper relationships between creators and their fans. Which is good for collaboration and tokenizing new content. 

Before replacing Susan as the new Youtube CEO, Mohan served as the chief product officer for Youtube. Hallmarks include dislike button removal, offering a product feature to compete with TikTok, as well as introducing Youtube Music. The news of his announcement into office has been met with limited FUD, unlike other tech-web3-related announcements. Meanwhile, Susan announced she stepped down to focus on her personal projects, and start a new chapter in life. However, the form will still act as an advisor to Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc.