Do you want to be invested in for $1.5 billion? Who doesn’t? Well, I’m sorry. You’re not Epic Games, who make Fortnite. And so Disney is also investing $1.5 billion to acquire a stake in Epic Games along with a long-term project. More details are coming. Read on!

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Disney Be Like: I Want It, I Got It!

Yes, Disney just invested many dollars in the game developer Epic Games. 

Could this be due to a series of box office failures of the corporation, or fan dissatisfaction and a drop in interest in major brands? Well, it’s a guess, but something made the dinosaur among media giants turn directly to Gen Z — those who know how to create popular entertainment products.


What is this dough for? This money aims to create new games and a separate entertainment universe a la Fortnite, where “users will be able to create their own stories in the worlds and characters of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and others.”

The new Epic Disney Games world (that’s definitely not an official title) is powered by Unreal Engine, which helps us to experience the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool and buy exclusive skins. And all that stuff that will take your breath away! 

Soo, are you ready for it? 


Ha-ha! You’d wait then. The release date is still unknown!

Don’t You Have The Sense Of Nostalgia, Though? 

Yeah, that’s right. We do remember the collaboration between Disney and Epic Games. The joint project with Marvel and Star Wars in Fortnite has attracted hundreds of millions of players through content integration in Fortnite, season collaborations, in-game activations, and live events, including the 2017 Marvel Nexus War with Galactus, which attracted over 15.3 million players at one time! 


And Now the Companies Have Decided to Legalize Their Relationship

Both companies are just happy about this partnership! 

Disney CEO Bob Iger on the collaboration:

Our exciting new collaboration with Epic Games will bring together beloved Disney brands and franchises with the hugely popular Fortnite game in a new and transformative universe of gaming and entertainment.

This marks Disney’s largest entry into the world of gaming and opens up significant opportunities for growth and expansion. We can’t wait for fans to experience the Disney stories and worlds they love in innovative ways.”

Source: CNBC

Tim Sweeney, CEO and founder of Epic Games shares the enthusiasm of the fairy tale empire:

Disney was the first to believe in the potential of bringing their worlds together with ours in Fortnite. Now we’re working on something completely new to create a stable, open, and interoperable ecosystem that brings the Disney and Fortnite communities together.

Josh D’Amaro, Head of Disney Experiences, also shared his thoughts on future cooperation. He said that Epic Games and their open Fortnite ecosystem are a great opportunity to reach a huge number of consumers so that they can interact with the Disney universe the way they want.

More Info:

Indeed, everything sounds very positive, as if this collaboration were sponsored by Snow White, along with the Aristocats and a fairy godmother! Well, it’s Disney after all…

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